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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Meet Sven!

Yep. That's a thing that happened last weekend.
Sven is (another!) DRNA rescue that was calling my name. He, like Lucy, came from Dachshund Rescue of North America and was staying in a foster home in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. (Lucy was in Ohio)
He is about 2, scruffy, and I think only part doxie. Which is fine with us. He is still long, and pretty low, but he is taller than his brother and sister and has weird ears that don't flap quite like theirs do when he shakes his head (and slap momma in the face!)
Sven rode home with me on an airplane and we have had him home for about a week now and so far so good. Oscar was a bit snippy the first few days, but he seems to have calmed down a bit and we have caught them all three playing together!
More on Sven and the rest of the "kids," later. I have yet to finish putting up our Christmas tree with 4 days to go...so I had better get on it!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

10 on Tuesday...

For 10 on Tuesday this week I wanted to post 10 Christmas activities we will try and accomplish this year. a sort of "Christmas time bucket list," if you will.
I try and make one every season so that we don't forget anything! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This year is busy, so we will see...

1. Decorations. This is the first Christmas in the new house, so my decoration plan from last year may or may not work As well. There is a lot more house this time, and a lot of rooms are still a hot mess...boxes and junk in them. But what I feel like are "must haves," are the two trees...
We have one large, seven footer, that houses all of our family ornaments, ornaments from trips, ornaments from my childhood. Etc. The other is the dog tree. It is only about four feet and holds all the doxie ornament. Yes. There are enough for an entire tree.
Christmas "Village." I'm not a huge fan of the little ceramic, light up houses. I want to do something a little more like our good friends, Stephan and Mary...who have an entire lego Christmas village! We started with the K'nex Ferris wheel and it looks awesome!!
Stockings, some outdoor lighting, Christmas card display, and possibly a 3rd tree. Haven't decided on the theme of that one yet. Maybe a color scheme...turquoise and black?? Or maybe a themed tree. Like skulls, or action figures/Legos.

2. Christmas town at Busch Gardens. Went last year, it rocked!

3. ICE at the Gaylord hotel at National Harbor. That was Christopher and I's first date...like not hang out at the Komar's house, but real, go somewhere, date... believe it or not! He came with all 3 kids and their parents. I knew he was a keeper after that!!

4. Send out Christmas cards BEFORE Christmas! Last year I put them in the mail on Christmas Eve. Slacker.

5. Baking. Baking. More baking! I'd like to have either a baking party with friends and co workers, or maybe a cookie exchange! Either one would be fun!

6. "Family" photo with Santa with all the dogs! And/or take Jackson to see Santa at fair oaks mall, because supposedly, Santa's whole area this year is done up like Elsa's ice palace from frozen!

7. Handmade ornaments/gifts for family and select friends. Started these a few weeks ago. I also want to handmade a tree skirt for my big tree.

8. Ugly Christmas sweater party! Christopher and I first MET at one of these. We hosted it last year, but I think the Komar's are going to be doing it this year and I'll help Gioia with games/prizes/food, etc

9. Briner family Christmas Eve traditional Chinese food. Love. Love. Love.

10. Get a new dog. Say what?? Whomp whomp. More on this soon.

Happy December, everyone!!


Hell 'ello there!
Number one...I got my laptop fixed. So I can pot legit pics now and actually finish the 25 blog posts that I have sitting, done...with no photos.
Number two...it's almost Turkey day. Which is basically almost Christmas. Time to make the holiday bucket list!
Number three...life is nuts. I love my new job, but I'm tired, y'all. Also we are getting a new dog and hosting a few parties I'm the next few months. Hang in there and bare with me!!