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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Babies no likey...

...when Momma goes away!!
I was in the hospital for 2.5 days for some migraine related shit (again!) ugh!
I'm feeling better now and I'm in some new drugs, and hoping for some relief. I'm changing direction in my treatment plan and I think things will improve. Fingers crossed.
As much as I hated being there, there were 2 little furry babies that hated it even more, and definitely let me know that as soon as I got home.
Oscar especially would not leave my side!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

It's been a LONG time since I've posted any thrifty/yard sale finds.
Honestly, winter time is rough. No yard sales, and no extra cash.
Anyway...I was sick as a dog the past week...and my momma took me out for some necessary items at Walmart and we stopped by a new thrift shop in town on the way home.
I was too sick to do too much browsing, but I did find THIS for 50 cents. Perfect for Mouse House Christmas!
I actually put it up on the front door last night, because I'm not done with my spring wreath...and it's so cute.
Love love love my Christmas Mousch!!

Fast and furious...

...snow storm.
Literally. We left our house and it was coming down, but it wasn't even sticking to the road or grass. Came back less than three hours later.
Middle of March, fast and furious snow. Wowza.

In a less than a moment...

Two men in Boston were up, at work, checked their rigs off, and in a battle against what was probably the biggest, nastiest, ugliest fire in their careers yesterday before most of us even had the chance to brush our teeth.
That's IF they weren't still on from the day before. I don't know? That happens ALL the time with us. We live for the big one. We are headed out to go home, to a family event, to our other jobs, to school...and we hear those tones drop and we can't help ourselves.
They may have even traded shifts so that they could work yesterday. I have friends who work 3-4-5 days in a row, so that they can have days off with their families, or so that their brothers can have those days off. I have worked those shifts, I have covered those guys.
 Someone has the flu but refuses to go home, so we figure it out amongst ourselves, call his wife, and FORCE his ass out of the bunk room to go home and not come back for 3 days.
Someones first nephew is being born, your lieutenant just needs a damn vacation because he hasn't seen his wife in what seems like 6 months.
They've covered me too, don't get me wrong. I don't know how many migraines I've been able to sleep though because my guys said "I've got this." And my divorce...you don't even want to know.

But in less than in instant, two men, two brothers...gone forever. The last time Lt. Edward Walsh and Firefighter Michael Kennedy ever put on their boots, was March 26, 2014.

I have been fortunate through out my time to never have to go through what the boys in Boston are going through right now. Sure, I have known people who have died. Sure, I have even known someone who has died while responding to a fire call. I've even been to a LODD funeral here in the county for a young fireman who died in a structure fire. Wrong place. Wrong time. An exquisite set of circumstances. Just as everything in life, right? If only?

I can't quite explain it to you.
There is nothing in this world that can simulate the feeling of being in a burning building. You rely on equipment and training to get you through. But in the end. And the end of the day. If you get trapped, through no fault of your own...there is no piece of equipment that will save you. There is no magic wand. Another human being will have to come. A dispatcher will have to try and lead them there, and somehow...safely, everyone has to try and go home that night.
As with most dispatch of disasters, the dispatch from yesterday brings a tightening to my throat and a sick feeling to my stomach. I just can't even imagine the cry for help, let alone being on the outside.

Walsh was a father. Kennedy, a Marine. Can you imagine your dad/husband just goes to work and never comes back? Goes into a basement that they thought was safe, and there is a deadly backdraft? High winds, open window.
Whatever. They're gone. Lets just remember that. Don't point fingers. Just remember and pray. For the families...both of them. The ones at home, and at the firehouse.

*Oh...and lets just address this right now. "Brotherhood," "We," "us?"
 When is the last time Emily fought a structure fire? Well... It's been a few years. 2011 to be exact. In Illinois.
When one is a medic, her skills get utilized elsewhere. Also, they don't happen every day, folks!
When you eat, sleep, and breathe next to your "brothers," (and sisters, I don't hate...they just lump us all together, and I don't mind, you shouldn't either!) for a number of years, its just a part of you. (Literally, lived at the firehouse. It was my permanent home for a while. Yeaaaaaah. About that...)

So while I might be on a hiatus from things right now, Don't you worry your pretty little head about it. I've got this, and I still will when I'm ready to go back =)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Saucy pants

Christmas in March...

I took down our Christmas trees and other decor in January sometime, but I don't know what it is about this sparkly turquoise garland...but I've just put off taking it down, for 3 months.
Oh well. Sorry I'm not sorry.
Maybe when it stops doing this...(this pic was taken last week, but today it's at it again. 3 in and counting)
I'll take down this...womp womp.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


1. NO caffeine. Cold turkey.
-eff. seriously, seriously, seriously, eff. I was in the hospital this past week with a heart rate of 170 and feel pretty damn crappy. I got some tough lovin' from my best friend, and just toughness from the doctors and that's it folks. My morning coke, and all day cokes are outta here.
2. Beef Jerky.
-High protein, easy, fills me up, no effort.
3. Freezer meals.
-any and all that I can think of, because I feel like ass about 65% of the time. Ugh.

1. Grey's as per my usual.
-My thoughts on this season...I'm over April and Jackson. They're boring. Everyone knew she would pick him. So sorry for Matthew. Preston Burke is back. Eff that. I wish Owen would knock his ass out and say he wants to be with Yang. and Yang is leaving?? That just kills me. No more twisted sisters. What am I even watching for anyway??
2. L.A. Ink.
-Loved the first 2 seasons on Netflix. Kat, Corey, Kim and Hannah rocked my world. The art, the shop, the attitude. Now I'm half way through the 3rd season and I'm tempted to shut it off for good. It's non-stop bitching, and less and less artwork. AND they are following these "untalented" artists (per Kat and Corey,) at a rival shop more than they do at Kat's shop now. WTF.
3. Sappy Netflix movies.
-no shame here.

listening to...
-Jackson and I jam to Macklemore until his little legs just can't dance anymore. In the car, at home, at the table. We love it.
2. The Dear and Departed.
-This is Dan Smith's band, Dan is a tattooer on the 3rd/4th season of L.A. Ink. I'm in love with this band
3. 90's, anything 90's

Prepping for...
1. Jason's 8th birthday party, we are building him a Lego table
2. Christopher's birthday, no idea what I'm going to do yet
3. My final divorce hearing this month!! Wahoo!!
4. My 30th!! Birthday, 90's themed, with tons of family and friends!!
5. Amy and Daniel's Baby-Que baby shower
6. Jackson's 2nd Elmo theme birthday, we are making him a Duplo table and a #2 pinata
7. Trip to Disney in June
8. Probably about a million other things. Maybe buying a house this summer?? Who knows.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Girly girl...

 Got Lucy some bows...she hates them.

Yeah...this happened

My sisters have made fun of me for carrying Oscar in this contraption for a long time.
Sorry I'm not sorry...he LOVES this thing. I originally got it to carry him at a pet expo where I (correctly) predicted that there would be idiots with big dogs that they wouldn't be able to control...and I wanted to keep my boy close, safe, and comfy!
And now the day has come...
It's Lucy's turn...and Christopher looks like a natural baby, er, dog wearer.
We have even discussed getting a second one.
And in case anyone cares...
It's the Outward Hound Kyjen sling

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Valentines Legos 2

Valentines Legos

What does one get their Lego loving, video game playing, transformer obsessed, model building, action figure collecting boyfriend for Valentines day?
Well. That's difficult. First of all, I'm not working...so money was an issue. I'd love to take a surprise trip, or get him a 3D printer, or some kind of crazy super girlfriend shit. But that's not real, and that's not what it's about. It's about love, and knowing what pulls on those little heart strings, right??

So I started out by saving for a while to get him a pretty large Lego set of a giant Coast Guard ship, helicopter, raft and light house...a bigger one than we had done in a while!
And then I gave it to him like 2 or 3 weeks before Valentines day.
That's funny. We were watching a show that I was currently obsessed with on Netflix...Rules of Engagement I think? Yeah.
And I can't remember now what the conversation was...but Jeff says to Audrey, something about weird, old people who live in lighthouses...
Fast forward to the end of the episode and Audrey says she knows she is weird, and will Jeff grow old and weird with her and be lighthouse people??
So I went in the other room and got out his lighthouse/coastie Lego kit. Aww.

(And then I order the colored 2x2 and 2x2x1 pieces to make the above card/"I love you," art piece...no tutorial on that bad boy, I just stuck to a few colors and let it rip and I'm SO happy with the way it came out!!)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Being a girl, and being a firefighter don't always go hand-in-hand.
It's definitely come a long way, but it's not always easy.

Going through the academy and becoming Firefighter I and II certified, as well as my HAZMAT training was probably one of the most physically demanding things I've ever done in my life. Definitely top 10 on the "most proud moments," scale.

I've had these 3 certifications sitting in a file folder in my desk for almost 12 years. And that's not where they belong!
They are a serious accomplishment, and to be honest, I know that my body would not allow me to do it again right now. I'd need a personal trainer and a year of working out to even dream of it! ha ha

So, I had some dollar store frames, and some hot pink spray paint. It seemed like the perfect idea.
I think they show strength, yet are just pretty enough to be me.

I am SO happy with how they came out!! A simple, yet fierce reminder of who I am, where I've come from, and that I CAN achieve anything I want to do in life.

To use a phrase that I generally hate...Girl Power!!

My bolonga has a first name...

...it's O-S-C-A-R!
Since I just posted about Lucy's name, I thought I'd tell you how dudeman got his as well. It's hard to imagine him being called anything else. He just LOOKS like an Oscar. He is the definition of Oscar. When I meet other people with dogs name Oscar I just look at them weird. That dogs doesn't look like an Osc! It's much more of a Rover or Sparky or something!!

I got Osc when he was 11 weeks old. He weighed just over 2 pounds and was freakin cute. I mean stop you in your tracks cute. I had wanted
1. A female dachshund
2. A chocolate dapple '
3. Possible a long haired
And you see what that boy did to convince me otherwise of all those things. Male, silver dapple, short hair :) and I wouldn't have it any other way. I need to stop or I'll cry. This isn't a post about how much he and I have been through together, it's about his name. Pull it together!!

After Oscar convinced me that I wanted the complete opposite of what I was looking for, we put a deposit on him (no judging, see below*) and had to go get set him for him at home and make some arrangements at home. I was buzzing I was so excited.

I was like 10 ADHD kids on Christmas morning at Disney World.

I went straight to the store and got a crate, leash, toys, bowls, food, etc.
I got him the tiniest little lime green collar with a bell on it, to help keep track of him because of his size. I was so anxious and excited to pick him up the next afternoon that I wore the tiny collar (and bell...my coworkers were thrilled!) around my wrist all day at work!

That night before he came home, I named him Leo...short for Leonard from The Big Bang Theory. Couldn't wait to pick up baby Leo.
Picked up little Leo...and Leonard was just not a name for the snugly little baby in my arms. Leo wasn't cutting it either. He needed something more fitting.

We got home and I told my ex that he needed a new name. Everyone in the house, including myself started rattling off names...the only me even close to making the cut was Otto.
Otto is German. I liked that. And then someone said Oscar. I loved it. It's not German but it's actually kind of popular in Austria and Germany.
But I didn't think it would fly, so I hadn't mentioned it. You see, my ex father-in-law's middle name was Oscar and he sometimes went by Ossy. He had died 5 years prior to me getting Oscar. I didn't want to offend anyone by naming a dog after him. I'm sure there are rules about that??
But they didn't seem to mind, so Oscar it was, and Oscar it is. And he will always be the only Oscar to me :)

*Oscar was not a rescue. He was bought and paid for.
I in NO WAY condone puppy mills, puppy stores, etc...but I didn't know any better at the time. I did what I thought was right, and would appreciate it if you kept your opinions to yourself about this. I KNOW the dangers of breeding, puppy mills, puppy stores, etc!
I AM very involved in Dachshund rescue now that I know better. Lucy and Lyla were both adopted from reputable rescue groups and I'd love to talk to you about them!!

Just another day in paradise?

I had an appointment at UVA with my neurologist on Thursday afternoon. It's almost 2 hours from our house to Charlottesville and as of Thursday morning, I didn't have anyone to take me and I was kind of freaking out, so I was already very stressed.
Christopher needed to be in the office, but thank goodness  he was able to leave at noon and come get me. I seriously don't know what I'd do without him sometimes. I'm a 29 year old toddler.

I felt like crap. My head was pounding, I felt like my heart was racing (it was...that's a whole other issue. They screwed up my appointment and she couldn't see me but when they saw how I was breathing and took my pulse, they sent me straight to ER. It was 140) and my chest felt kinda weird.

So I got up and dressed, tried to look half presentable, and took the dogs out. Osc did his business as usual and Lucy just peed a little bit. Brought them in and fed them since would be back late. Then I smelled pee.
So I scrubbed the carpet near the door where I thought she had gone. When I went back into the kitchen to put that stuff away, I came back and found her pooping in my living room.
Cheeseandrice Lucy!!
So I sprinted full speed back to the kitchen to get a paper towel, trying to beat Oscar to the poop. He looooooves him a good pile of fresh poop. Nom nom.

I slipped on the wet spot on the carpet and landed flat on my face on the kitchen floor. Knocked my glasses off, and my nose started bleeding. I had to get up quickly. Even though it hurt really bad and I wanted to just lay there and cry until Chris got home!! I was still trying to beat my shit-eating dog to the pile.
I got the poop, flushed it, came back with the cleaning spray and when I bent down to start scrubbing the smell gagged me and I jumped up and had to run to the kitchen again because I was going to vomit! Ughhhhhhhhh. I can usually do this stuff. I'm a medic, people. I've worked with people exploding out of orifices for years. I think its my meds, or the headaches, or maybe I'm loosing my touch. Either way...ugh.

Well I missed the wet spot, but just as the puke was coming out of my mouth and all down the front of my t shirt, I threw myself over the sink...where Christopher had left a steak knife pointing up in a cup.
Right into my palm. Eff. But I did manage to get the rest of the vomit into the sink and rinse that away with the blood that was coming out of my hand.

By the time I finally got the shit cleaned off of my floor, I just sat there and sobbed. I haven't cried like that in years. Oscar just sat there in my lap and wouldn't let Lucy near me. I'm pretty sure he knew that she caused this insane chain of events.
It funny now, like hilarious....when I got to the ER at UVA they asked if I had thrown up today and I just busted out laughing. Then I had to tell them, and the nurse was laughing too.

Just another day in paradise...right??

Sunday, March 2, 2014

In the sky with diamonds...

She has a name!!!
Meet Lucy!
It meets none of the criteria I had set. I wanted something that "went" well with Oscar. Like another "O" name (Olivia? Olive?? Or another "wiener" name (Vienna or Mya...as in Oscar Mya, get it? Haha)
Then I turned to my favorite TV show/obsession...Grey's Anatomy. I was thinking Arizona, Jo, or Zola?
Our German friend, Stephan, tried to help us think of a good German name, since she is a dachshund after all. But they were too long, or serious sounding.
When we went to get her, we were down to Mya, Zola, or Vienna. We tried each in for size. Tried calling her them for a day or so...but they just didn't work.

Then I was thinking back to when I got my other doxie, Lyla. I remembered the same thing happening with her, but I couldn't remember the original name I had picked out for her. Then I was talking to my sister and she remembered it was Lucy! Hannah had also wanted to name her Chihuahua, Penny, this as well...but changed her mind after bringing her home.

Lucy was cute, and it had the long -ee sound at the end like her foster name (Eevee) so she could probably adjust well and recognize it! Chris liked it ok but we were going to try it for a day and see.
Then we were watching one of my favorite shows on Netflix...Oddities.
It was the episode when it was Mike (the shop co-owner's birthday, and his wife takes him to a special place he has always wanted to go...
Josephine Harrin Park in Margate, New Jersey to visit
You guessed it...Lucy the elephant!!
You can read about Lucy the elephant
Right here!!!
We both died laughing. We were literally talking about naming her Lucy JUST as they came on TV and said "LUCY the elephant!"
So that's what we had to go with :)
Her middle name? Honey badger, because she doesn't give a damn.