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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's a blog...about my dog!

Hi I'm Emily and this is a blog...about my dog, Oscar,  and a little bit about me (when he allows.)

You will read more and more about us as time goes on, but Oscar is a 4 year old mini-dachshund. Silver dapple in color, one blue eye...one brown. He is pretty much a super hero. No, I'm not just saying that. I have migraines so bad that I have passed out several times. Who licks his Momma until she wakes up, and barks until someone comes? That's right. Oscar Mayer Man! He loves compressed raw hide, cantaloupe, sleeping in momma's bed and watching Judge Judy.

I am a professional boo boo fixer, I craft in my spare time and sell Initials Inc. I love like crazy, and sometimes hold grudges a little longer than I should. I love good peoples and good times. I miss my grandma every day. I love being a doggie-momma, but can't wait to be a real baby momma. I love to make messes. I hate cleaning them up. I have irrational fears of revolving doors and glitter.

I have a bad habit of blogging, and naming my blog after things that change. You can find my previous, kick ass writing/pics/projects at

www.RosenberghFam.blogspot.com where I wrote about being a young, newlywed, crafty things, etc. Most of the "happy" newly wed stuff was complete crap...so ignore that. This blog became obsolete when Oscar and  I got the HELL out of a very unhappy situation and came HOME!! to Virginia to be with the people we love!

www.JustwWhemandOsc.blogspot.com is where you can find the post-divorce blogging and crafting. Just me and the Osc man...livin' it up. I don't really feel that "JUST Whem and Osc" is really appropriate anymore, because we have so many important people in our lives now. We have my family, and we have Christopher...my mouse, my jellybeanz, my backbone! We love him, and he loves us.

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