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Friday, March 13, 2015

Dogs on drugs. Our journey with doggy anxiety. Part 2.

So months of doggy insanity. Lucy was practically ripping her toenails out trying to get out of the crate, and barking furiously for hours.
Chris was sleeping peacefully.
I was loosing my damn mind.
Little lady was in bed with us by morning, most of the time...just because I couldn't take it anymore. Then I would feel sorry for Oscar, and bring him in there too.
And then someone peed on Chris while he was asleep.
On his pillow.
Game over. Dogs back in the crate!!
Back to the vet. Dr. York, God love her, decided to try Prozac. Like people Prozac. Same exact drug. I even get it from the Wal-Mart Pharmacy, right along with our medicine.
Three days in, little lady was SLEEEEEEEPING!!!
Miracle. Right?
It lasted about 3 months. And then we bought a new house, moved these dogs to a new environment, and shook everything up.
She started again, and we upped her dose. Awesome.
Then Oscar. OMG. Oscar. There are no words for the level of insanity that I experienced with Oscar Mayer when I started working 9-5 again.
I had been off and with him every day, all day, for 10 months.
He is a MOMMA'S BOY by definition and lost his shit on the regular. Crying. Pacing. Clawing at the doors and windows.
So I snatched him up, marched  him right into Dr. York, and had him put on the miracle pills too.
He's still insane, no doubt. But he is better. And she sleeps. And life seems to be OK for now.
Happy Weekend, Ya'll!

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