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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Let's just start over...

I find it hard to believe that I have yet again, let another 4 months go by without blogging.
But at the same time, my life has literally exploded, put itself back together, exploded again, and now we are in the rebuilding process AGAIN.
So I guess it really isn't all that surprising.
Just as a quick run down, and I plan on blogging separately about all these shenanigans...
1. Chris and I took a birthday trip to Hershey, there probably won't be too much on that because well...it was kinda fun, but we might have fought most of the time there. So. Yuck.
2. I turned 31. There will be no blog on that. 31 hit me like a ton of bricks. 30 I was OK with...now I'm officially "IN my 30's." Yuck.
3. I had a little accident with a staple gun that put me in the hospital twice and ultimately ended in surgery.
5. We went on a "family," beach trip to Carolina Beach in North Carolina with the Komars and kids and our friend Wesley (formerly married to our friend Tina. Now just Wesley)
6. I lost my job at Blue Ridge. I'm not going to post on that either. It sucked. I miss my co workers. I do not miss some of the BS that went down there.
7. Chris and I broke up. Say what? Yes. That happened.
8. I loved on my dogs. And loved and loved and loved. They are some fabulous little furry beasts and I don't know what I would do without them.
9. I got a new job, within 6 days of leaving Blue Ridge I got an offer, and so far, so good.
10. I'm moving. Obvi. I'm not going to stay here with a man I am no longer with. We have been living seperately within the house and it's just not working.At.All.
11. I've been painting. A lot. I'm thinking about starting an etsy shop or doing craft shows.

OK. So that, in a nut shell is what's been going on since April. More to come if anyone cares. If not, move along. Life is much to short to dwell on the negative, and that's really what I've learned in the last few months, if nothing else!!

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