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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why we aren't blogging about our dog!

Just in case anyone is wondering why it's been almost 2 weeks without any news August Osc, Rexy or their humans...

Our top ten excuses!

1.) Emily's migraines are back and ready to party. Ugh. I had gone almost 11 weeks without a single headache before this cycle! That may not seem like long to you guys, but it's the longest
I have gone in well over 4 years! I am back to almost daily headaches and, unfortunately we been in the ER a few times. Hoping to get into the neurologist at UVA soon!

2.) Oscar Mayer has been sick :( Our poor little stinker. I posted about this earlier...he has a couple things going on. 1. He is not "concentrating" his urine. Meaning that it comes out of his body super light and diluted, as if he has drank a ton of water. His vet was not overly worried a out it, but we are keeping an eye on it. It could be from stress (hello Rexy!) And 2. He has had the nasty poops for like a week now. Ugh. We are unsure if he ate something nasty, or stress. I spoke to the vet this past Monday and she gave me instructions on some over-the-counter meds to try, and to come in if it gets worse. She thinks his 2 issues might be related and might all be from stress :(

3.) On a much happier note...we are going on vacation!! Christopher and I leave in one week for out epic California adventure that we have been planning for the last six months! I am a nervous wreck, as usual. I have list upon list upon list of what to pack, where to go, who to call in case of emergency etc etc. Chris has electronic gadgets for every leg of the trip from video games for the plane to cameras to special phone chargers. I simply cannot wait! This time next week, we will be mining for crystals in Palos, California! Crazy...right?

4.) My new job is tough. I've been in the medical field since I was 16. I've done just about everything in every field...but his job is extremely challenging and keeps me on my toes from 7 am until the minute I get to walk out the door at night. I really like it. I love a challenge. I also really like this very unique specialty. It's amazing to be able to help people who are in such excruciating pain! But at the end of the day, sometimes I barely make it to dinner, lot alone blogging!

5.) Rex. Oh Wreck it Rexy. He is just too much some days. He is go go go from the minute he opens his eyes in the morning until well after we go to bed at night! I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen him lay down in the month that we have had him. He just runs around the house all day. We may have to find this rambunctious dude a new home with room for  to run off some of this energy...it might be too much for us, and for poor Oskie.

6.) RIP to my laptop. The screen started flickering a bit back in April or so, then it started getting kinda dark and now it's totally black. Chris tried to fix it but its too far gone. I post now from his ipad mostly, and it takes some serious getting used to.

7.) Yard sale. We just had one today...in preparation fr that, I've been going through all of my clothes and shoes., as well as just about every box from my mom and dad's house that still had not been unpacked to find items to throw onto the lawn in hopes to make a sale. We did OK and only almost killed each other once this morning ;)

8.) Initials Inc. Most of you know that I am an Initials Inc Creative Partner. We sell monogrammed bags, purses, home items, etc. I've been doing it for just about a year now and it's a lot of fun, but can be a lot of work too. There are girls in my upline that make crazy money at it, and I only hope to be as good them some day! Our our new catalog launched on Thursday, so things have been a little hectic in my Initials world!

9.) Cleaning/unpacking/making this house a home. It's only been six weeks since we moved in...but I'd say that the house is coming along pretty well. I dig it.

10.) Yeah. I can't come up with a tenth reason. I'm just procrastinating pretty much
 I just spent a few hours (off and on...many doggy potty breaks, laundry folding breaks, and a nap in between) writing this post and I could have written and scheduled at least 2 or 3 regular posts. But hey, at least you know hat we have been up to this week...right?

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