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Sunday, February 23, 2014

This totally happened today...

I'm way behind with my blogging. Both with this personal blog, and with my headache blog.
Let me start by saying...
Sorry I'm not sorry.
I've felt absolutely crappy the last few weeks, and not really headache crappy, just crappy in general. I've had a stomach thing, and just been completely wiped out, not to mention the god awful bajillion below freezing temps and weekly snow storms we had. Those are awesome for migraine sufferers. Said no one. Ever.

Anyway. Chris and I had been planning, and even had applied to adopt another dog since November. We got turned down for a pretty amazing dude from the humane society (more on him later...because he still hasn't been adopted, and I want to get his pic out there and help him find a home!) but it didn't work out, and we were kinda devastated for a little bit. We kinda understood the reasons they said no, but not really, they were not enough to keep that dude in the freezing cold kennel for the last 3 months, but oh well.

Anyway...I started looking through Dachshund Rescue of North America. I have some friends who are involved with them and I like what they are about. They have over 100 dogs all over the country up for adoption, and naturally, I'd take any one of them...but we needed to find one that was right for our family.

A lot of them had medical issues, which I don't mind...but some were too severe for a young couple who works. And some weren't good with children...absolute no go for us. Some required a fenced yard...nope (that's one of the things that the first rescue didn't like.) And some required that they be adopted out within a local area.

Then I saw this pretty girl.
She was rescued/seized during a puppy mill raid. She had some medical and emotional issues from being locked in a pen and only allowed to mate/have babies for her whole life. But she had been in foster care for almost a year and was doing really well. She was kind of everything I had in mind.
1. Female (Oscar likes to play Alpha male...ha ha, no I'm being very serious here. I think this was part of his beef with Rexy)
2. Around the same age as Osc, so hopefully the same energy level? Oscar goes to my mom's house and they snarl at him. Her youngest dog is around 9 and he is only 4 so they basically hate him.
3. Same-ish size. Good for playing, walking on the dual leash, and being super cute together :) He is between 10-11# depending on his last meal...her paperwork says 10.2# but she feels and looks just slightly bigger than him. Will see at the vet on Monday.

I showed her to Christopher and he really liked her and we agreed to move forward. It wasn't easy. I guess that's a good thing. DRNA is very thorough and calls all of your references, your vet, your landlord, and then sends someone over to visit with you and look over your home and yard...this is all after I had exchanged probably 15 emails or so with the area coordinator and then her foster mom.

So we checked out, and then we just had to arrange to get her. From South Point, Ohio. My friends were giving me a hard time for picking a "far away," dog. Honestly...she wasn't all that far...and like I just explained, I looked through ALL of the DRNA profiles before I found one that met our needs and just look at her! Shes perfect!! And her foster momma, Kathy, offered to meet us halfway, so it was only a 3 hour drive. Not so bad.

We met her this morning in a hotel parking lot in Covington, VA which is 3 hours south of here. Despite Chris getting a speeding ticket on the way (I warned him that I-81 was terrible for that, like 3 times, but who's counting?) everything went well and she is adjusting to Oscar and he is sharing his momma much better than I had anticipated!

We stopped at an old friend's house on the way back to visit and see their new home, and break up the drive a bit, and give the dogs some time to run...and Osc did have one moment of asshole-ness. To be expected. She came a little close to his rawhide. Probably my fault for even giving it to him on the first day. They are his weakness. She actually snarled back at him once we got home and he came too close to her "baby," (a pink bunny that Kathy sent with her,) so I think she will be JUST fine!!

Anyway...I'm exhausted. It's just about 5am and this girl has not slept for more than an hour at a time tonight. Unsure if shes scared, or not used to being in a crate, or angry?? But shes been barking and digging in her crate. It's in Christopher's office, but we still hear her...loud and clear. I just got up and gave her a benadryl. I hate to do that on her first night, but Chicky needs to sleep and so do momma and daddy.

Will be posting 5 million pics soon. Poor Osc, this is his blog and I have not been updating lately...but a new baby comes along and BOOM...
Oh, and No...she does not have a name yet. Still playing with a few ideas. Her name in foster care was "Eevee." But I don't like it. Actually, I didn't mind it until Christopher told me that she was named after a Pokemon. No. Not going to happen. We do Legos by the thousand. Transformers. Imaginext. Ninja turtles. Model trains, planes, tanks and robots...my house is a nerd haven...but I am not going to have a Pokemon dog. No thank you.
I'm open to suggestions if anyone has them...please feel free to post! I'll do another post about names and post the ones we are considering :) Would like one that "goes," with Oscar. Like another 'O' name or something like that.

Anyway. Goodnight, er, Good morning
And Here is the first official picture of what my friend Beth called "The Mouse House expansion Project"

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