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Sunday, March 2, 2014

In the sky with diamonds...

She has a name!!!
Meet Lucy!
It meets none of the criteria I had set. I wanted something that "went" well with Oscar. Like another "O" name (Olivia? Olive?? Or another "wiener" name (Vienna or Mya...as in Oscar Mya, get it? Haha)
Then I turned to my favorite TV show/obsession...Grey's Anatomy. I was thinking Arizona, Jo, or Zola?
Our German friend, Stephan, tried to help us think of a good German name, since she is a dachshund after all. But they were too long, or serious sounding.
When we went to get her, we were down to Mya, Zola, or Vienna. We tried each in for size. Tried calling her them for a day or so...but they just didn't work.

Then I was thinking back to when I got my other doxie, Lyla. I remembered the same thing happening with her, but I couldn't remember the original name I had picked out for her. Then I was talking to my sister and she remembered it was Lucy! Hannah had also wanted to name her Chihuahua, Penny, this as well...but changed her mind after bringing her home.

Lucy was cute, and it had the long -ee sound at the end like her foster name (Eevee) so she could probably adjust well and recognize it! Chris liked it ok but we were going to try it for a day and see.
Then we were watching one of my favorite shows on Netflix...Oddities.
It was the episode when it was Mike (the shop co-owner's birthday, and his wife takes him to a special place he has always wanted to go...
Josephine Harrin Park in Margate, New Jersey to visit
You guessed it...Lucy the elephant!!
You can read about Lucy the elephant
Right here!!!
We both died laughing. We were literally talking about naming her Lucy JUST as they came on TV and said "LUCY the elephant!"
So that's what we had to go with :)
Her middle name? Honey badger, because she doesn't give a damn.

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