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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lions and Tigers and Elephants!!! Oh my!

I took Christopher to the circus last year for his birthday, his first time ever at age 27!
Not just any circus. Ringling Brothers you all. Greatest show on earth!!!

We had a great time, and probably were amazed and laughed more than most of the kiddos there! We ate our weight in cotton candy and junk food and wore funny hats and stayed up until 0330 because damnit, we are adults! Haha.

Anyway. When I saw that it was coming back to town near his birthday week again, I asked if he wanted to go. I didn't even really need to ask, I knew the answer :)
But he said, "we should bring Monkey."
Yeah!! He will love it. Hmm. Or he will scream the whole time. Hard to tell with a two year old. Yikes.
Thank bananas he loved it! He laughed and clapped and danced the whole time!! He flipped the eff out for elephants, and "cycles." The kid loves his motorcycles! Just like his Mom and Dad!!

Here are some crappy phone pics. Sorry so ass-tastic. The photos are already kinda blurry, and then I had to take a pic of them with my phone.
1. Just us, last year.
2. All 3, this year.
3. Monkey and I, this year :)

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