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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

10 on Tuesday...this week is weird...already...

I'm tired. I feel like it must be at least Thursday...but no. Nope. Definitely not.
Still Tuesday.
This week, well the last few days, have been really weird. Just strange things happening. Kinda bad stuff. Nothing life shattering. Just weird.
So my
10 on Tuesday is a list of weird things that have been going on.
Enjoy. And here's hoping that by writing this, I'm not jinxing myself to something weirder.

1. I've been in the medical field a long time. Since I was 16 and in EMT class. So 14 years. I'm no rookie ladies and gentleman. I've seen a lot of things that would make most people's stomach turn. All in a days works I suppose.
Well this week I saw something I've only heard about on those crazy "I survived..." Type TV shows. Flesh eating bacteria. The struggle is real, folks. This guy got a small cut in between his big toe and the next one and nearly lost his whole leg, and died! They cut the flesh away all the way to the bones and tendons in his whole foot. Then took a big chunk if thigh meat and replaced it. Ew. I can't even. It takes a lot to make me say ew, and I'll say it again...ew.

2. Three girls I know, from all different walks of life, lost their babies this week. Miscarriages. It's a hella sensitive subject so I won't go into detail. But THREE...in one week.

3. The moon has been so bright at night it wakes me up shining in the window. Maybe it's because the curtain fell down in our bedroom. But damn. I don't ever remember the moon being SO freakin bright! Maybe that's why everything around me is batshit.

4. My head...it doesn't hurt. That's just effing weird. Not that I don't welcome this change. Because I've got another issue going on now, but yeah. No headaches for about a week now.

5. My mom smashed her truck all up. She's ok. But her Highlander, not so much. Totally random and out of the blue this big SUV full of kids smashed into her. I can't ever remember my momma even being in a fender bender.

6. Oscar has never been a huge fan of thunder storms. He is ok if you are with him though. He just sits in my lap and everything's fine. No more. This week he has lost his shit every time we got a single clap of thunder. Crying, shaking, pacing. The whole nine yards. My poor boy. We got him a thunder shirt and I'm going to trying tonight, it didn't do shit for Lucy when she was having bad anxiety but they've been helpful for some of Hannah's dogs. At home and at the shelter.

7. I won a raffle at work and got a $25 gift card to Shell for gas. Now I'm in no way complaining about this. It's just weird. I never win anything. We are doing a food drive. For every 5 items you bring in, they put a ticket with your name in it in a drawing. I've been bringing food since I started there, and they draw weekly and nothin. Ill take it though. Woop woop.

8. I finished making, stuffed. Addressed and sent my baby sisters wedding invitations. She's just a baby! Er, she might have turned 25 over night. November 1 is coming SOO quickly ya'll!

9. The last two nights I've woken up out of a deep sleep and swore I heard one of Oscars pigs squeaking. Both dogs were fast asleep and Christopher was next to me. I don't know if I'm dreaming about squeaky pigs, or some spirit is in my house randomly squeaking them. If that's the case, I wish it would do something more useful, like clean the bathrooms.

10. All of this being said. I love my life. I have an amazing family and boyfriend. The perfect dogs. A beautiful home. A car that gets me from point A to point B reliably. Food in my belly. Clothes on my back. Life is good. Just weird.

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