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Monday, September 1, 2014

so...it's been a while.

As I've said before, blogging on my ipad is near impossible. Especially for anything longer than a few lines and/or with pictures.
And that's my excuse.
I got a new job, actually...I got TWO new jobs in the last month. On August 4 I started at the GI office doing procedure scheduling.
It was ok. I didn't love it though. I did little to no clinical things, and the money wasn't really what I had expected.
I worked there two weeks when I got a call from another place, which I had applied and interviewed for back in June. I really thought I was a shoe-in for that job and was bummed when the nurse manager called and told me that they had chosen someone else because she had ortho experience.
Well. I went back in, spoke with the nurse manager and the physician who needed a new MA and boom! She hired me for her pain management docs, instead of the orthopedic docs.
I had previous worked for a pain doc/center...so I was familiar with things and it sounded perfect for me.
I started there on this past Monday. And I love it.
It's very close to home, the doctors and the rest of the staff are fantastic, and the money ain't too shabby either ;)
So, I've been busy learning everything there is to know about my new job, as well as resigning and wrapping up my old job, making Hannah and Joshua's invitations, and trying to maintain some kind if order in this house.
The struggle is real, guys. Laundry is a bitch, and our dishwasher is broken...so please don't stop by unannounced! Haha. You'll be in for a surprise! It's like something straight it of a "Hoarders," episode!
The dogs have been good. I can tell they miss me, but it's so much more enjoyable to spend time with them in the evenings when I have been away from them all day. It makes my patience seem a little stronger, and they get on my nerves a lot less.
Here are just a couple pics from the last few weeks. Nothing too exciting.

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