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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rant for the week.

Things that are annoying me right now.
New items, made to look like old items. I'm all about antiques and vintage things. But for gods sake. If it was make in Mexico last week. Don't try and make it look old. It just looks like crap.

My right ovary. I wish it would calm the eff down. Seems like righty is always the one to get cysts, and she's a real b about it.

"Winter storm watches." Seriously. The weather says less than an inch and people in Virginia want to flip the eff out. I wonder why? The news makes it sound like the Apocalypse is coming.

Rude people. I can't even. If you come to a public place of business, where the hell do you get off acting like the queen of England and making demands and yelling and screaming at people? Some days I just have to walk away, y'all.

People and their babies. That sounds terrible. I just need one in my life. An acquaintance recently posted a photo of his newborn and said "our little miracle." Hey, I get it. Babies, miracle of life, etc. but you got pregnant on your wedding night and bam! Baby. Try not being able to make/carry one for several years...THAT creates a miracle.
I'm terrible. Going to hell, y'all.

Ill wrap up this rant with a cute pic of my dog. Because...cute dog. Duh.

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