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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Quick update on life...

It's been a while.

I'm still figuring out our "new," life in our little cabin in the woods, the new job, being a "single" dog momma of two, etc.

Osc and Lucy are doing fabulously and even though we have struggled a little with having to find new room mates to try and bring down my overhead cost...new jobs...ex boyfriends...drama in general....the three of us are OK!!

I could not do what I've done and would not be who I am without these two little ten-pounders. They always know when momma doesn't feel good and when to be crazy, silly little pups who jump and do back flips just to get a few laughs from me.
I was in a pretty bad car accident on 10/9 and missed some time from work and they were fortunate enough to have their grandma here with them to play and snuggle. I'm doing a lot better now, and my car is back from the dead (unfortunately...I was really hoping that they would total it!)

I'm working my butt off, painting a lot (even done a few craft/art shows and opened up a small etsy shop to sell my paintings! Www.facebook.com/paintingwithpain or paintingwithpain.blogspot.com) and spending a lot of nights cuddled up with the pups.
I've been seeing someone for a little while and Oscar and Lucy love him, and so does Jackson...so really the guy has a lot going for him already ;)

That's all I really have to say about the last couple months. I hope that in 2016 I can manage to post a little more frequently and with more photos (which would mean I'd have to get my laptop up and running!) and that I can continue to work, doing what I love, and paint and spend as much time as possible with family, friends and loved ones...because you never know when you might not have the chance anymore. If nothing else, my accident taught me that!!

So since its 3 days until Christmas I'm going to go ahead and say Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016 to all of you and Blog About my Dog will see you in January!!

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