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Friday, January 8, 2016

Beach trip

because of my iPad issues, I never got around to posting about our annual vacation with our best friends and their little ones (the nephews.)
We visited Carolina Beach in North Carolina for the week of July 4 and it was a blast. We had tons of fun in our private salt water pool, made and ate good meals, collected sea shells, some of us got new tattoos (not Jason or Jackson, I promise!) checked out the aquarium, shopped a little bit in Wilmington, went to the Wilmington children's museum...etc.
This trip was a real eye opener for me in the way that I was living my life. I realized that I was unhappy in my own home and decided it was time to change that. While I never look back and regret my past, because it shapes who I am as a person, there are always things that I wish I didn't have to endure...and breakups are always one of those things. In the end, you know it's better, but it's hard as hell to get through. Anyway. I realized that needed to happen while at the beach. Time for me time, time to put myself first, etc.
Here are a few beach favorites 😍

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