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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

10 on Tuesday

So, I got a job.
I've been not working since September of last year.
For the record, I haven't been looking all this time.
I've been taking the time to get better, work on myself, and do some thing that I haven't ever had the time to do.
Kudos to my amazing boyfriend for keeping us above water for the last year. There is no way I would have survived without him.
I feel better than I have in 3 years. Also I'm getting sick of being home all the time. It's not like I can run around and do things, because I have no money.
It's kind of a catch 22. If you have a job, and money...then you don't have time to run around, get pedicures, paint murals, go on vacations, etc.
But when you don't have a job, you have plenty of time on your hands, but no money to accomplish anything.
I interviewed at 4 different places. I would have taken any one of these positions, and really one in particular made me so upset when I didn't get a call from them...but life moves on.

So my 10 on Tuesday this week is about work.
10 thoughts on working, finding work, and being happy with where you work.

1. Adult conversation. Wow. There is really something to say for being able to interact with adults everyday. I guess I just took this for granted before. Sometimes doctors or patients can be irritating, but man...when they Aren't around, you will miss them!

2. A regular schedule. I've been taking naps like a champ for 10 months. Part of that was because I was sick. 97 days of a migraine will do that to you. But I'm so happy to have a reason to get up and go to bed at a reasonable hour from now on. Also eating meals on a schedule will be amazing.

3. The best way to get a job, is to have a job. Period. People don't like to hire people who have been unemployed for a while, no matter the reason. So get out there and do something, anything.

4. Getting dressed for work every day is FUN! I mean, I have only worn scrubs to work, and a pretty basic uniform as an EMT...but it's something. It's so easy to fall into a yoga pants coma if all you do is hangout at home and maybe go to Walmart.

5. Be prepared. I've learned to show up with everything you could dream of in my bag, like Mary freakin Poppins. I went to an interview where they had lost my résumé, boom...I've got it. Also once I was asked to shadow another employee to see if I liked it. It was a holiday week and they weren't sure when they could squeeze it in. How about now? Boom...stethoscope. Rocked those patients like a hurricane.

6. Write legibly if filing out a paper form once you arrive at the employer. Even though I had the resumes sent to me via email, I used to ask people to do a paper application because I wanted to see that handwriting. If its awful, guess what...not going to happen.

7. Leaving  those dogs/kids behind. I love my dogs more than anything. However, my patience with them lately has been running thin. It's hard to deal with two hyperactive dachshunds 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. A little time apart will do us good!

8. I feel like I have a purpose again. I've been a bump on a log for a while now. I hate that.

9. New people, new skills, new environment. Amazeballs. I working in a specialty that I've never done anything remotely close to, ever.

10. Relax. No need to panic. You've got this. (Or at least that's what I keep telling myself!)

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