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Monday, December 30, 2013

Ugly sweaters...

Ugly sweater friends...

Wes and Tina:

Pregnant Fryes:

Danielle and Naughty Stewie:
Me and Optimus Prime Mouse.
Oscar post wrestling with grown men for chicken bone. UGHHHH!!

We LOVE ugly sweaters!! There is always a good mix of thrift store/grandma borrowed sweaters and "homemade" ones. I don't have that detailed pics, but this year, Christopher and I just threw ours together with stuff we had at home. Wes found his at Walmart. Danielle, Gioia, and Komar's were from thrift stores. Stewie....Oh Stewie. I dont even know. I think he said amazon. I hope not, for the love of God, there are children on amazon!!

I can't really do a tutorial on ours, because I don't have the appropriate pics. But just a quick run-through...
-Mine is a $3.99 hanes sweatshirt from Wal-Mart. I've had it for at least 4 years. I just liked the color and it was cheap. I had cut the collar off of it when I bought it, so it was very 80's and Flashdance-ish. But I needed something, and decided to use it.
 -The large, red ric-rac was something that I had in my crap from the awesome ugly sweater that I made Christopher last year! I didn't even KNOW him! We had just exchanged a few emails and he said that he didn't have a sweater for the party, so that was my cue ;) I'm a dork, and if I can craft my way into flirting, I'm gonna!
-So I just hot glued it around the neckline. Then I cut out the reindeer with my cricut and laid it down as a stencil. I used black puff paint like this to trace him onto the sweatshirt and called it a day. It is in no way perfect looking up close, but it works. And it was REALLY comfortable, much better than a sweater!!

I have NO idea where I came up with the idea that Christopher needed to have a Transformers Christmas Sweater, but I did. I saw one on a website somewhere. Similar to this one but less lame. And I decided to try and make one. I had already purchased the hat for him for Christmas, so I guess I felt like it was a done deal.
-I got the Optimus Prime fabric on etsy for like $3 and cut him out in detail and hot glued him onto the front of a pretty inexpensive long sleeved waffle knit shirt from Wal-Mart. I think it was about $7. We did not get him a sweater or sweatshirt because he is always hot and didnt want him to sweat or be uncomfortable during the party.
-After Optimus was dry, I painted a Santa hat on him with the same puffy paint and let that dry overnight. Then I had some gold ric-rac and hot glued that onto the collar. Then I gave him his hat early ;)

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