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Thursday, July 24, 2014

10 on Tuesday

Going to try and start a weekly count to ten on whatever I'm doing or thinking at the time.
I'm a chornic list maker, so this should be amazing.

Anyway, this week we are vacationing on the north shore of Massachusetts. My mouse is from here and it's pretty sweet, but I've noticed some things that are super different about the area, as compared to the dirty south.

Here we go.

Ten things I've learned about people on the North Shore.

1. People love to take an enormous old home and break it up into apartments. Seriously, huge house, 8 mailboxes on the porch. I've seen this maybe 4 times in my life in oth regions, but here, it's a thing.

2. Air conditioning, optional. Ugh. FMLx 1000. We have been to two resturants where it was easily 100 degrees inside. Also Christopher's childhood room has AC, but the rest of the house does not. When I leave his room and walk into the hallway, my glasses fog up. This shit doesn't fly down south.

3. Politics, like whoa. Maybe this is more prominent here's in this home because his brother and mom are so into them. But it's all on TV, and political signs everywhere. I mean, they do this in the south, but it just seems so extreme here.

4. Mosquitoes have giant teeth or something. You would think southern bugs would be worse, but I'm here to tell you, I've never had a hurtin like these Mass mosquitoes have put in me this week.

5. Restaurants available on every corner: pizza/sub places, Dunkin. Period. Not a lot of Thai or Chinese. A lot fewer chain places.

6. Alphabet and phonics, optional. The ways that words are pronounced baffles me. I know I have a little bit of a drawl, but in general, I pronounce words the way that they are spelled. Example...the town of Peabody. North Shore'ers say Peabiddy, rhymes with PDiddy. Weird.

7. Big dogs. We went it the dog park today and we were the only ones in the "small dog, " section. Seems most people around here have big old furry pups. Also, I have not seen one wiener dog the whole time. Usually I see one walking around at home at least once every few days. Must not be as popular here I don't know why not...they're the best.

8. Totally appropriate to wear beachwear into stores and restaurants. Even when pretty far inland.  To each his own.

9. Giant is called Stop and Shop and I don't like it.

10. Seafood everywhere. Even fast food places and roadside carts have good seafood. At home, you sure as hell don't order seafood from a non-seafood restaurant unless you have a death wish.

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