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Thursday, July 24, 2014

A vacation from our vacation!

I started a half million posts about Disney. Reviews on hotels, food, parks...what we packed, what to never leave home without, best souvenirs.
Well...they're all still sitting in blog format on blogger. Why?

I needed a vacation from vacation! Disney is wonderful and fun and millions of happy memories...but it's freakin exhausting!

So I've been working on getting all of our vaca laundry done, continuing to turn the house into our "home," playing with my dawgs, playing with the kids, and oh...planning another vacation.
Say what?

Christopher has a meeting in Boston at his main office this week. And we decided to drive up together, he will leave me at his parents in Gloucester, and then he will join me in a few days and we will send the rest of the week on our New England vacation.

While I am really missing work and have been on several interviews lately, trying to find something full time and comfortable for me, this is one advantage of not working right now. This is the third time in less than a year that I've been able to come with him for a work thing :)
Next week, back to the grind though. Full time job search, house cleaning, and hopefully blog updating?!!

Have a great week, and I'll smell ya later. Also if you are a creeper and think my home is empty right now, eff you, I'm way ahead of ya? I write a week behind because of assholes like you!

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