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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby boy is sick :(

Osc has been the healthiest of pups for the last four years. He has had the occasional vomiting episode after eating something he wasn't supposed to (what dog hasn't?) but otherwise has never had to go to the vet except for routine check ups and shots.

In fact...when I went to have him neutered, they discovered that he had a little hernia that he never even let on to having! No pain, no discomfort! Just a little bump on his belly that they took care of while they were in there!

His ONLY complaint from our vet was that he was TOO HEAVY for his little doxie legs, but as soon as we moved back to Virginia, we fixed that right up and he has been a slim and trim 13.5 pounds ever since! Christopher called him "doggy jacked," because the boy is ripped!

Anyway, about three nights ago, he started peeing in the house! Something he has NEVER done! Another even when I brought him home at 11 weeks old! I thought he was mad at me about Rex. I tried to spend more one-on-one time with him and take him out to go potty by himself instead of taking that clambering idiot, Wreck it Rex, out every time, so that we could have some quiet walks like we used to....but he kept doing it!

I can tell he regrets it because he won't make eye contact afterwards and usually hide behind Christopher's chair.

The episodes are becoming more frequent now, and he is now jumping up out of our laps and just BARELY making it to the floor before he starts going now :( Today he didn't make it to the floor and peed ON me! WTH? Something is definitely wrong! Oscar Mayer definitely does not pee ON people! Especially not his Momma!!

You bet your ass I'll be on the phone with the vet first thing in the am.

Sorry for a long, drawn-out post with no pics, just worried about my little man!
Goodnight! ( er....morning? It's 0330...oops)

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