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Monday, July 22, 2013

Lucky Day, Lucky house?

As some of you may know, Chris and I moved into this home on a STINKIN' hot day in May.

We were both sweating, and smelly...I honestly felt like i was going to pass out by the time that we got to my parents house for the last load that we thought we could possible manage for that day.

As I was carrying one last shoebox full of whoknowswhat? out to my car, I looked down in my parents yard, at the bottom of the driveway and I saw this! A four leafed clover! Crazy, right? I can't even remember the last time I found one, or even had the time to loo down and pay attention.

At this time, I was so tired, I was getting a migraine, and the tears came as I picked the silly thing and carried it into the house to show it to my mom. In true mom fashion, she said "OH! Well...that means good luck, in your new home, with your Irish boyfriend!"

He totally is Irish! I don't ever remember telling her that, but she just knows these things. Maybe its the fact that his last name is Murray and he sunburns from walking out to get the mail?!

So my mom, the artist, does what she does best. She goes into her studio and scrummages around for a bit. Comes out with this tiny black frame, a piece of black and gray patterned paper, and the key to our new place that I had just given her for emergencies. She framed up this little memento for us to remember forever. I'm so in love with it. I put it on my bathroom counter, so that I can see it at least twice a day, even if I do work allllllllday!

So now some of you may understand a little bit more of me...and why I'm always saving crazy things for future projects, or making things out of what others may think of as trash...you just never know! Hows that song go? "She get it from her momma!"

Now I gotta get to Home Depot and get Momma a new key since she used it in a project, though! ha ha

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