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Thursday, July 18, 2013

With love, from Jax!

Jax and I made a little somethin' for his Momma for her birthday last week!
Obviously I stole the idea from pinterest, but it came out really cute!

I foot printed the little (big?!?) guy with black, shiny acrylic paint. I used both the left and right to make  "V" with them in the middle of a circular shaped plaque that I had already painted red.

*Just a tip...if you are trying to footprint a baby or in our case, 13-month old who would have NONE of it...have EVERYTHING ready!! Don't waste any time, have as many hands on deck as possible, and bring your object to the foot instead of the foot to the object if that makes sense?? Less pulling and tugging on their little limbs :)

Then I cleaned him up with wipes, put on his Buzz Lightyear Jammies and off to bed he went :)

The next day, I painted up some 2 inch letters that I got from Michael's, with the same black paint and glue gunned them on the sides of my "V," to spell LOVE.

In case there was any doubt, Gioia loved it! I can't wait until we have him next so that I can make one for our house!?! I wonder if I can involve the pups?

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