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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wreck it Rex

Welcome home to Oscar's (not so little) brother...Wreck it Rex.
Unsure if this is a permanent soloution, as the boys are not getting along so well right now!
As I am writing this, we have had Rexy for 5 days. Things are better, but still don't seem to be the right fit. Christopher is in Atlanta for work and I am here with the boys by myself for the week (boo!)

Rexy (Formerly known as Harry Winston,) belonged to my friend Megan and her family of 5. They recently had to move into a smaller home and because she has 3 small children and a very large dog which they have had for 7 or 8 years, they could no longer keep him.
We have been talking about getting Osc a playmate for a little bit, because he makes it difficult for Chris to work during the day at home. He barks, whines, and cries to be played with and demands to be  held...and since he has to be on phone calls with clients, who don't want to hear my dog's big mouth, we thought having someone to snuggle up with and wrestle with  might help.
Oscar has not been an "only child" since he was 6 months old. This contributes to his neediness. I don't help...I baby him, and I always have. So shoot me. He is still the best dog ever...if you don't want to work from home! haha.
Osc is having some dominance issues, which I guess we should expect. Rex is a male, and bigger. Rex is also dumber than a box of rocks, so hopefully Oscar will figure this out and realize that he has NOTHING to worry about! Oscar also doesn't like to  play as rough as Rexy does. Osc didn't live in a house with 3 little kiddos and a German Shepherd, so yeah. Poor Rex, Poor Osc. Poor us.
We will figure it all out.
For now...I have a dog with 2 different colored eyes, and a dog with a mohawk. Eff yeah.

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