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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rest in peace, Rexy boy.

I think I said it best on facebook, the afternoon that we said goodbye to him.
I'm not going to rack my brain to try and find better words.
Thank God for cut and paste:

We had to put Rexy down this morning. It was a very hard decision, but the best one for our sweet Wreck it Rex. Something happened in his brain that made him not himself anymore, but very aggressive and dangerous. Christopher had to be seen in the emergency room yesterday for being attacked by Rex. He had been headed down an aggressive path for a while, and we thought that we could help him, but we couldn't without endangering ourselves, Oscar, and our families.

 Animal control threatened to come and get him and place him in a quarantine, and then evaluate his ability to be released back to us or be adopted out, but we knew that he would not survive that, and did not know what he would have to go through or have done to him during this. We chose to let him go quietly and peacefully, in my arms, while Chris pet his head. I spiked his hair back up into his Mohawk before we left him, and we know that he is already in doggy heaven, chomping down on his favorite...Oreos.
Run free crazy boy, run free. We love you.

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