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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My bolonga has a first name...

...it's O-S-C-A-R!
Since I just posted about Lucy's name, I thought I'd tell you how dudeman got his as well. It's hard to imagine him being called anything else. He just LOOKS like an Oscar. He is the definition of Oscar. When I meet other people with dogs name Oscar I just look at them weird. That dogs doesn't look like an Osc! It's much more of a Rover or Sparky or something!!

I got Osc when he was 11 weeks old. He weighed just over 2 pounds and was freakin cute. I mean stop you in your tracks cute. I had wanted
1. A female dachshund
2. A chocolate dapple '
3. Possible a long haired
And you see what that boy did to convince me otherwise of all those things. Male, silver dapple, short hair :) and I wouldn't have it any other way. I need to stop or I'll cry. This isn't a post about how much he and I have been through together, it's about his name. Pull it together!!

After Oscar convinced me that I wanted the complete opposite of what I was looking for, we put a deposit on him (no judging, see below*) and had to go get set him for him at home and make some arrangements at home. I was buzzing I was so excited.

I was like 10 ADHD kids on Christmas morning at Disney World.

I went straight to the store and got a crate, leash, toys, bowls, food, etc.
I got him the tiniest little lime green collar with a bell on it, to help keep track of him because of his size. I was so anxious and excited to pick him up the next afternoon that I wore the tiny collar (and bell...my coworkers were thrilled!) around my wrist all day at work!

That night before he came home, I named him Leo...short for Leonard from The Big Bang Theory. Couldn't wait to pick up baby Leo.
Picked up little Leo...and Leonard was just not a name for the snugly little baby in my arms. Leo wasn't cutting it either. He needed something more fitting.

We got home and I told my ex that he needed a new name. Everyone in the house, including myself started rattling off names...the only me even close to making the cut was Otto.
Otto is German. I liked that. And then someone said Oscar. I loved it. It's not German but it's actually kind of popular in Austria and Germany.
But I didn't think it would fly, so I hadn't mentioned it. You see, my ex father-in-law's middle name was Oscar and he sometimes went by Ossy. He had died 5 years prior to me getting Oscar. I didn't want to offend anyone by naming a dog after him. I'm sure there are rules about that??
But they didn't seem to mind, so Oscar it was, and Oscar it is. And he will always be the only Oscar to me :)

*Oscar was not a rescue. He was bought and paid for.
I in NO WAY condone puppy mills, puppy stores, etc...but I didn't know any better at the time. I did what I thought was right, and would appreciate it if you kept your opinions to yourself about this. I KNOW the dangers of breeding, puppy mills, puppy stores, etc!
I AM very involved in Dachshund rescue now that I know better. Lucy and Lyla were both adopted from reputable rescue groups and I'd love to talk to you about them!!

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