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Sunday, March 23, 2014


1. NO caffeine. Cold turkey.
-eff. seriously, seriously, seriously, eff. I was in the hospital this past week with a heart rate of 170 and feel pretty damn crappy. I got some tough lovin' from my best friend, and just toughness from the doctors and that's it folks. My morning coke, and all day cokes are outta here.
2. Beef Jerky.
-High protein, easy, fills me up, no effort.
3. Freezer meals.
-any and all that I can think of, because I feel like ass about 65% of the time. Ugh.

1. Grey's as per my usual.
-My thoughts on this season...I'm over April and Jackson. They're boring. Everyone knew she would pick him. So sorry for Matthew. Preston Burke is back. Eff that. I wish Owen would knock his ass out and say he wants to be with Yang. and Yang is leaving?? That just kills me. No more twisted sisters. What am I even watching for anyway??
2. L.A. Ink.
-Loved the first 2 seasons on Netflix. Kat, Corey, Kim and Hannah rocked my world. The art, the shop, the attitude. Now I'm half way through the 3rd season and I'm tempted to shut it off for good. It's non-stop bitching, and less and less artwork. AND they are following these "untalented" artists (per Kat and Corey,) at a rival shop more than they do at Kat's shop now. WTF.
3. Sappy Netflix movies.
-no shame here.

listening to...
-Jackson and I jam to Macklemore until his little legs just can't dance anymore. In the car, at home, at the table. We love it.
2. The Dear and Departed.
-This is Dan Smith's band, Dan is a tattooer on the 3rd/4th season of L.A. Ink. I'm in love with this band
3. 90's, anything 90's

Prepping for...
1. Jason's 8th birthday party, we are building him a Lego table
2. Christopher's birthday, no idea what I'm going to do yet
3. My final divorce hearing this month!! Wahoo!!
4. My 30th!! Birthday, 90's themed, with tons of family and friends!!
5. Amy and Daniel's Baby-Que baby shower
6. Jackson's 2nd Elmo theme birthday, we are making him a Duplo table and a #2 pinata
7. Trip to Disney in June
8. Probably about a million other things. Maybe buying a house this summer?? Who knows.

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