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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Valentines Legos

What does one get their Lego loving, video game playing, transformer obsessed, model building, action figure collecting boyfriend for Valentines day?
Well. That's difficult. First of all, I'm not working...so money was an issue. I'd love to take a surprise trip, or get him a 3D printer, or some kind of crazy super girlfriend shit. But that's not real, and that's not what it's about. It's about love, and knowing what pulls on those little heart strings, right??

So I started out by saving for a while to get him a pretty large Lego set of a giant Coast Guard ship, helicopter, raft and light house...a bigger one than we had done in a while!
And then I gave it to him like 2 or 3 weeks before Valentines day.
That's funny. We were watching a show that I was currently obsessed with on Netflix...Rules of Engagement I think? Yeah.
And I can't remember now what the conversation was...but Jeff says to Audrey, something about weird, old people who live in lighthouses...
Fast forward to the end of the episode and Audrey says she knows she is weird, and will Jeff grow old and weird with her and be lighthouse people??
So I went in the other room and got out his lighthouse/coastie Lego kit. Aww.

(And then I order the colored 2x2 and 2x2x1 pieces to make the above card/"I love you," art piece...no tutorial on that bad boy, I just stuck to a few colors and let it rip and I'm SO happy with the way it came out!!)

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