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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beware of the dog(s)

So, I think the dogs and I are in love with their new, outside accommodations.
 So...Oscar has lived in a home where we could just open the door and let him out for most of his little life. In Chicago we had a tiny backyard in a condo/townhouse complex and he could just last out there and sun himself all day long of he wanted.
Then we moved to my parent house in Virginia. They have 6 dogs and 1/4 acre of fenced in goodness.
When Christopher and I were looking to rent about a year and a half ago, we made Oscar our priority and knew we couldn't live in an apartment with him comfortably (his legs are 3 inches long...he doesn't do stairs all that well.)
So we found our cute little rental house, and it did have a big yard. But no fence. We planned on building a small pen off of the back door. Well...that never happened. The back door was broken and very hard to lock/unlock. So we just ended up walking him on the leash. Rex too. And then Lucy.
For a while, I let Oscar out offleash. Unfortunately there was a cat chasing incident, and he lost his privileges.
Also. Our neighbors and their children in Manassas were horrible. The kids were constantly in my yard or the yard next door of a home that was abandoned. Ain't no dachshunds got time for that. I didn't trust the kids not to bother him while he was out there, or a cat, etc. and he would just be barking non stop anyway.
Fast forward to April 2014 and we are looking to buy our first home. This time, we had to wieners...and I was totally done with the damn leash. Lucy is a terrible leash walker and honestly, I just didn't want to do it anymore. Even though Christopher does 99% of the actual walks, I was the one home with them all day and having to leash up for potty runs.
So we found our amazing little home of my dreams. On a whole acre. Surrounded by farms. We also had three, count them...three functioning doors with locks.
We do have some fencing...but it's mostly broken and there it does not completely lock the yard down.
So I ordered these two x-pens at the suggestion of my dear friend, Michelle. A build a 16 foot circle at the bottom of our deck steps

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