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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Writing prompts, good? Bad? Indifferent?

I've seen a few blogs where some writers use writing prompts to spark a good story, or an interesting read.
I kind of like the idea.
I took creative writing and journalism in high school. I loves writing. I still do. Almost as much as I love reading!
Same goes for my blog. I love love love reading a good blog. I will sit there and read every entry ever once I find a good one!
I'd like for my blog to
 a) tell my story, let it out, and let it go,
b) be a source for my friends and family to keep up in what we are doing and
c) be a good read!
So since my life is fairly boring, I think I might start using prompts once and a blue moon...just for funsies and to generate some really random, fun stories about moments in my life.
Have an amazing Thursday everyone!!
Today is our last day at Disney and we are up and at it early today to make this last day count!! Wahoo!
Look for prompted writing in the days to come!

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