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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Curtain love

I'm totally smitten with these new curtain panels that I found on the Target website!
So perfect, and cheap too!
They are actually shower curtains. I was able to get 5, 72x72 inch panels for under $100 with rings and pull backs as well!
Shower curtains can be expensive (I saw some at Disney that were $140,) but they can easily be found in fun patterns and textures for under $20 each if you keep your hopes up and keep on searching!
I was convinced that these very expensive Anthro curtains were the only thing that would work in my living room, but I'm so glad that I kept at it and funded these!!
I also have an extra one that can be used to make pillows for the couch! You couldn't even buy a nice piece of fabric for pillows for the $16 I paid! AND there is enough for tons of pillows with room to spare!
Good luck out there! Keep your eyes open!

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