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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Jax breakfast at Mouse House

I like to start Jax out with a  healthy breakfast, even on mornings when he doesn't let me make him eggs or pancakes or anything. (His latest phase is growling and shaking his chair and demanding to be put in it, leaving me NO time to make anything)

So this particular morning I gave him a 1/2 a banana (which he eventually finished,) a cut up fruit leather and some shredded Cheddar cheese. He ate all of this in about five minutes.

This is a really hard age, because you want to feed them WELL ...but at the same time, its hard to keep them FULL.

Well...I was out of ideas this morning. He had eaten a man sized portion of lasagna the night before, and I was out of cereal and all of his normal go-tos.

Then this happened:

Hey, you only get to stay with your EmWay once and a while, right ;)

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