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Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall down..

...get back up!
I had amazing fall/Halloween decorations when I lived in Chicago. Most were homemade. I'm not usually bitter about what I left behind when I came home, because it was the best decision I've ever made...but I really want my schtuff back! Some of it Aron and Jason made! Ugh.
Here are some little pics of the past.
Not to dwell on it...just to look at it so that I can rebuild!


Oh...my sweet boys! Jason was 6 months old, Aron was 3. I can replace and remake everything else in these pictures! I think their dad could replace this pic for me...I'm hoping anyway.

So far in our crazy mouse house...this is what I've got...

Picture of me and my sisters in costume from Haunted Hollow last year, foot bones model that was being thrown out at work (how cool is that? I actually have two right feet!) little owl, Shrek, and a pumpkin.
I'm working on a few pumpkin projects that I will post when we return from New Hampshire next week...and I just finished our outdoor wreath, so we are getting there!!
With every chapter in your life, things change, and I'm not always good at that...but I'm learning.
Chris is amazing at change. He just rolls with it. I love him for that. 
And Oscar...as long as he has a leggy ball and some apple cookies, well he is good to go and change as well!

Oh...and there are these...they help with change too. nom nom nom.

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