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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ten 10/1/13

Ten thoughts for ten months.

Christopher and I have officially been "for realsies," (his words, not mine) for ten months today. I can't even being to find a favorite picture, or even five or ten to celebrate this day. There are just so many! We have laughed, adventured, and loved so hard over the last ten months that it would be unfair to try and sum it up with a silly picture...because let's face it, all of our pictures are silly ;)

So I'm going to give you ten thoughts on our life right now, because that's what I've got. It just seems more fitting.

ONE. A year ago our "crew," wouldn't let us meet until he cut his crazy hair. Neither of us knew that at the time, but there were sneaky plans happening that involved a haircut, and a murder mystery dinner in the future.

TWO. We both have the flu today, or a cold, or something...yet there is no one else in the world I'd rather be laying next to right now...even if it did make him snore so loud last night that I barely slept.

THREE. We started collecting Lego minifigs when we were in Legoland. I used to collect Playmobil figures, and he used to collect Transformers, now we have sort of stopped both of those and developed this new, geeky collection as a couple. It's fun to do it together :) whenever we are in a different city or town, we have to check their Target or Toys R Us to see which series they have out. We are totally lame, and we are OK with that.

FOUR. When I see him with Jax, I totally totally melt. Like the wicked witch. It's ridiculous. He thinks he isn't good with babies, but he's never been more wrong.

FIVE. He calls me Jellybeanz, I call him about 100 different things. Whatever falls out of my mouth at that particular moment.

SIX. When we fight its 99% because one of us is too tired for our own good. Usually me.

SEVEN. He is A terrible cook, but always knows when it's time to just go and get burritos. Chipotle is our jam.

EIGHT. We still cry about Rexy. We would not have gotten through that without each other. But we did it together, and thats the only thing that matters.

NINE. He likes me best when my hair is a curly, wild mess and I have my glasses on. I think he's incredibly handsome with his hair long and curly and his scruffy beard. He probably didn't need that initial haircut after all ;)

TEN. I could keep going. Forever. And I will, I'm just not going to list them ;) Here's to then next ten months, years, and decades , babe!

OK I lied...I found a picture:
3-6-9, damn your fine! Who would have ever guessed?

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