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Thursday, October 3, 2013


...and it feels SO good!
This dog is insane, about his apple treats that is. I used to buy these at a little pet shop in Chicago for him when he was a baby and I haven't found them anywhere in Virginia yet.
I thought he hadn't really noticed when we switched to mainly the mini milk bones, because he eats those up in a single chomp too...but I was wrong. The boy missed his apple bones!!
First of all, let me start by telling you that what Oscar and I think about these Nutro Apple crunchy treats are 100% OUR OWN OPINIONS. No one has paid us to say anything, and we don't care what you might have to say about them either, Kay?

When Chris and I were in Gloucester a few weeks ago, we walked into a little pet shop that he used to buy his Guinea Pig supplies from when he was a kiddo called Animal Krackers. It reminded me a lot of the places I liked so much in Chicago. I love little pet shops. I hate big box pet stores, just for the record...but that's what we have here and that's where we go when we need something that we cant wait for Amazon to get to us!

The girl at Animal Krackers tried to warn me that these Apple snacks were not for picky eaters, I laughed, I have the most NON-picky eater on the planet! He would eat a rock if his Momma handed it to him!

When I opened these things, you would have thought I was giving him a steak! He ran around the house and did sweet jumps and kicks, and acted like a mad man! I haven't seen him that excited in a long time! He DID miss his apple cookies! Who knew? Its probably been 18 months or so since he had one, but he REMEMBERS!!

I couldn't even get a good picture of him, he was so insane!! This is the best photo I could get you of the Oscar Mayer apple treat happy dance! I love this little dog...he lifts my soul and makes me smile!

Here he is sneaking around my things, looking for where I might have hidden the rest of the apple cookies.
Incidentally, we also found another Oscar Mayer favorite at Animal Krackers. His beloved "Squeaky Face!" This was one of the original three toys that we brought with us when we left Chicago to come home to Virginia. It used to have a tail and a rubber ring, but then it was just the face, which is of coarse how it got its name. He carries the carcass of the original "Squeaky Face" around with him to this day. He made short work of "New Squeaky Face," and now has two carcasses.

We will be in Gloucester this weekend and you better believe that I will be stocking up on
1.) Apple treats and
2.) A few squeaky faces for the future, and probably little man's stocking, etc!!

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