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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fabric frustration.

This fabric and I, we have a problem.
We keep going 'round and 'round with each other...and I can't decide where/what to use it on. I had it all set to do curtains in Jackson's/the guest room...but now we are going to use that more as Chris' office and I just don't think he would appreciate the owls the way they should be.
So do I move them into my office? The kitchen? Change the plan all together and use it for a bag or something else?
My mom even bought me a yard of this fabric when she saw it because she said it was "just so me," and shes right...all my colors, my patterns...kind of doodles and swirls and the owls have kind of a tattoo quality to them.
These owls.
They frustrate me.
Anyone else have a fabric problem??

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