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Sunday, October 13, 2013

What to feed a toddler?

You might ask yourself how I got such a happy toddler on this particular day. Truth be told, I didn't. He was seriously angry pants at me most of the morning. And then he got hungry. Jax has gotten to an age where when he is hungry, he means now...not in 5 minutes when you can warm it up, and certainly not in 30 minutes when you can actually make him something nutritious...NOW.

I'm learning. 

So the night before he was to come over this time, I stayed up and made him homemade mac N cheese. I LOOOVE mac N Cheese, and Chris hates it, because he is a weirdo. Anyway, I love with Jackson comes over because its an excuse to make it, so I did.
So I'm boiling my pasta, and I'm thinking, which is rare...so I thought I'd listen to what I was thinking.
And I'm thinking, this kid LOVES Mac N Cheese! I would eat ANYTHING I mixed in with it!.

 Leftover turkey meatballs! Yes! That goes perfect with Mac N Cheese!
Peas? Yes! Perfect!
Squash! Yes...well I was pushing my limits here. He ate them, but started to pick the squash out. I think if I had peeled it first, he would have never known!

So, that's my attempt at getting an entire, mostly healthy meal into a 17 month old.

He ate 2 and 1/2 bowl fulls without coming up for air, so I guess I did something right!

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