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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy 10th, big guy!

What on Earth could make a 10 year old react like this??
(LOVE Aron's face, and Jax trying to "help")
Emway even gets a hug...in front of his friends!
Oh yes...this is happening this winter in the Komar basement! All SIX FEET of it!
I'm not really sure who is more excited about it. Aron or his dad, Chris, Wes, Daniel, etc?
Staying up until all hours of the night DOES come in handy sometimes. I ran into an amazing deal on this thing at 3am online that I would never be able to get any other time/place!
Happiest of birthdays to my FAVORITE ten year old! Where does the time go? Didn't you JUST turn TWO??

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